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Cathedral in Buckhead deemed be in compliance with zoning rules

A dispute about whether the Archdiocese should be able to build a new rectory in a Buckhead neighborhood for the Cathedral of Christ the King. The Archdiocese apparently plans to build a 2,987-square-foot addition to an already existing home of 5,000 square feet. Construction on the property began at the beginning of June after a building permit was issued. Subsequently, two local attorneys filed an appeal asking for an injunction to end the work on the basis that the church failed to follow city zoning ordinances in its permit application.

New zoning rules support trend in urban agriculture

On this blog, we often focus on the issues of water and air pollution, toxic torts and environmental cleanup, which tend to be rather negative topics. Today we’ll write about something a bit more positive: new city laws which are allowing Atlanta residents to grow their own food. The increasing trend in urban agriculture is a positive one for multiple reasons: not only does it promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce the need to ship in food; it also strengthens relationships and communities.

One Georgia project brings county zoning problems to light

There are various types and levels of law. Laws even divide based on the county that one lives in. Your friend who might live only 10 minutes away could have distinct laws that, for example, impact what they can or cannot do with their home.

One county in Georgia wins fight against landfill plans

The community in which a person lives, where a person calls home, is worth protecting. For some, that might mean fighting crime. Maybe it means fighting higher taxes. For others, it means protecting the very land that their community is built upon. 

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